Kick Picks

Hand-Picked *LIVE* Kickstarter Projects Worthy Of YOUR Time!

Because I'm a helluva nice guy (no really, I am!)...

I take the time to go through hundreds and hundreds of Kickstarter projects for you.

I pick the best. Reject the rest. And present to you only projects worthy of your time and awesomeness.

I've only just started this site (so it's a little "thin" just now). However, make sure you keep coming back because I update it daily.

Here's my personal "kick picks" so far:


How To Keep Your Desk Clean


Is This The World’s Sexiest Paper-Weight?


Is It Time To Upgrade Your Kitchen Knives?


How To: Be A Kid Again


Who Else Wants The World's Greatest Titanium Pen?


Rise Of The Machines (Well… Kitchen Gadgets)


Need More USB Charging Sockets?


Spiderman Stole My iPhone


Odorless Socks (Made Of Silver... Yes, REALLY!)


An EDC Box Cutter Cleverly Disguised As A Key


How To Become A Rockstar


Is This The World's Smallest Bottle Opener?


How To Fool People Into Believing You're A World-Class Baker


Underwater Flashlight (Finally... We Can Find Nemo!)


How To Stop Your Headphone Jack From Breaking


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"Who is this 'Magnus' guy anyway?...

I started this website for a couple of reasons... Firstly, because I couldn't find any "gadget" type websites that aren't covered in distracting advertising. Secondly, I design and manufacture my own high-end products (and so, yeah, this is a place where I can shamelessly promote my high-end products :-).