Rise Of The Machines (Well… Kitchen Gadgets)

You probably need to be from the UK for this, but…

Do you remember a BBC television series called Red Dwarf?

It's a UK comedy I was obsessed with when I was younger (and still watch today from time to time). Futuristic and slapstick… but with some pretty deep space-time concepts thrown in. Made you think about stuff differently.

One “character” that was briefly on the show was a toaster. And this toast was called Talkie Toaster.

It was a talking toaster (which was a pretty advanced concept a couple of decades ago)… but this particular talking toaster was essentially insane. He wanted people to eat toast all the time… every minute of every day. Drove the others mad.

And, here’s the thing…

I reckon we’re getting close to that. I’m serious here.

You know how there’s a whole load of software technology trying to get your attention (i.e. notifications from Facebook, Instagram, SMS messages, and so on… all jumping up and down saying, “Look at me!”?

Well, it’s about to get physical!

The Appkettle has just made it possible to control your water-boiling from your mobile device:



The Appkettle is a mobile-connected kettle. From the Appkettle App you can do things like control temperature, schedule when you want the kettle switch on, and so on.

To be honest… I find it kinda exciting. Not so much for the Appkettle specifically (because, personally, I’m not confident enough I’d use such a piece of technology right now).

But for technology like this to actually be happening right now - I don’t know about you, but it kinda feels I’m living in the future.

One final thought…

You know how software “crashes”… well, what’s going to happen when they smart, household devices crash?

Click Here to check out the Appkettle right now.

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