How To: Be A Kid Again

A few months ago I bought a toy for my 5-year-old son...

Actually, it was a set of two little motorbikes. They were the kind where you 'skim' them along the floor a few times, get the wheels going really fast… and then let then go down the hallway.

Except for one little problem...

They didn’t work at all. They were such cheap, nasty garbage they didn’t even half work.

It wasn’t even that they broke... they were just so bad they didn’t perform in any way whatsoever. The wheels kinda spun a bit on one of them... but the other just seized right form the start.


I mean, I knew they were cheap – but I had remembered having this style of toy when I was young and wanted my Son to experience the same (even though I knew I was settling for getting "cheap stuff").

But, I now have a “rule” I follow:

My Son either gets a damn good quality toy... or nothing at all (yeah, I know, sounds harh... but I'm 100% convinced the advantages far outweight the disadvantages).

And, as you can imagine, I don’t really buy him toys that often – because there really is not much out there (at least in local toy shops) that’s good quality.

In fact, to be more accurate, it’s almost impossible to find even semi-good quality toys. What a disheartening state of affairs indeed.

Anyway, you can image my utter delight when I saw the Even More Awesome Wood Toys project on Kickstarter (I have no idea how I missed the first project by the Creators):



I was all over these like a fat kid on a donut!

These old school style wooden toys are made by Candylab Toys.

They’ve got a real ‘60s look and feel to them and just ooze quality in the photos.

Oh, and make sure you check out all the photos because these toys are bigger than they look in most of the photos.

There are some very cool combinations available:



Hell, it’s worth checking the campaign just for the photos alone – they are really well done!

So, yes, if you’ve had it will cheap-n-nasty toys - then you really want to check out this project right now.

There’s not much that’s more depressing than you child’s favourite toy breaking because it’s cheap rubbish. I mean, what kind of life expectation is that setting them up for?

Okay. Rant over. :-)

Click here to check out the Even More Awesome Wood Toys project right now.

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