An EDC Box Cutter Cleverly Disguised As A Key

This project is well worth looking at...

Now, if I’m honest (and I always am :-D), I’ll advise you not just to check out the Epsilon EKO… but also the Creator’s website.

First let’s check out the Epsilon EKO:

The EKO is a key-sized (and key-looking) titanium box-cutter and bottle opener in one. Oh, and it also has a 1/4” hex-bit holder too.

The blade is not sharp like a knife – but plenty sharp enough to cut through cardboard, packaging tape, and so on.

That fact that it’s the size and shape of a key makes it pretty much a must have.

Just as importantly...

I recommend you check out Jason’s main website by clicking here. He makes custom flashlights and other awesome gear.

Click Here to check out the Epsilon EKO EDC Box Cutter on Kickstarter.

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