How To Become A Rockstar

I was thinking of becoming a rockstar once...

But, you know, the thought of living a crazy rockstar life with all those insane parties and wild women... it kinda tired me out. So I sat down, had a cup of tea and decided not to become a rockstar.

But then the jamstik+ happened:

The jamstik+ is basically like Guitar Hero... but for more sophisticated folks like you and me.

It's essentially a "mini-guitar" that connects to you iPad. And, using the jamTutor App, you can learn how to play... or even just start riffing (look at me sounding like I know what I'm talking about!) right off the bat.

Not only that, but...

You can create entire tracks using the jamstik+ and App together:

The jamstik+ uses real guitar strings and has an in-built rechargeable battery.

But the real important thing here that you're probably going to see me becoming a rockstar.

Sure, I might just start messing around with the jamstik+... but with my total lack of musical ability and utter tone-deafness I'm bound to go far!

Before you know it you'll see me getting invited onto talent shows and being asked to open for all the "big names".

If you want to join me in becoming a rockstar too - then click here to check out the jamstik+.

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