Odorless Socks (Made Of Silver... Yes, REALLY!)

Recently I’ve taken to walking about two hours every evening…

If you’re not doing something like this then, well, I gotta tell you… it’s so addictive. It’s like a giant “reset button” for your brain and body.

One hour isn't enough. But two hours is great. Walking at a brisk pace (I don’t run because it’s sore on the knees and, quite frankly, pretty bad for your joints).

Anyway, I've found I need damn good socks for this (even though I'm just walking)... and it's proving tough.

They need to be hard-wearing, not give you blisters… and, let’s be honest here, not end up with any sort of odor. I always struggle trying to find socks that can fulfill ALL of the above criteria.

And so, fingers crossed, I’m hoping I’ve maybe found “The Holy Grail of Socks”.

I present to you - the SilverAir Sock:

And, as the title suggests, they are made from honest-to-goodness silver.

Now, obviously, not solid silver (because that would be weird). The silver is interwoven into the Merino wool socks.


Silver has properties that neutralizes the odors we experience (oh, and the odor isn't from your body… it’s from the bacteria that thrive on the sweat produced from your body!).

And how’s this for a testimonial (from their website)…

"I wore them for two weeks straight through 800 miles of cycling... and that's just an amazing thing that you can wear a sock for two weeks without having to wash it"

This project was launched just a couple of hours ago (as I write this).

Now, you should probably know…

This is the second Kickstarter project from Y Athletics. There first project was for the equivalent of these socks (but a silver-infused shirt)… and it did over $250,000. So, yeah, they probably know what they’re doing.

There are a bunch of Limited Rewards, so click here to check out the SilverAir Sock right now.

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