How To Keep Your Desk Clean

Let me share a personal problem with you...


Yes, just pens.

That’s pretty much the only problem I seem to have in life*. The bain of my life and very existence.

In my house then pens spend their time strewn all over the house… yet, I can never find one when I need it... and, when I do find one, it’s always either not work or spreads “inky blobs” all over the page when I write. Grrr.

So, being the proactive kinda guy I am, I did to things to solve these issues:

#1 – I actually designed and made my own pen.


#2 – I’ve decided to get a place to put my own pens (because, well, they’re the best… and they’re not cheap)

I’ve decided to pledge for the Pencil Shaving Desk Tidy on Kickstarter:

You’d think I’d have bought a desk tidy by now – but, no. As much as I am the very epitome of a perfect human specimen... I am deeply and hugely flawed.

Okay, enough about me – let’s talk desk tidy...

As you can see in the photo above, this desk tidy is not only a hugely original design... but it’s so freakin’ practical as well (I don’t know if you know this, but... things that both look good and functional well and, to me, like catnip to a cat. Meow!)

Holds a whole bunch of stuff:

The Pencil Shaving Desk Tidy is available in red, yellow and blue (personally, I’m going for the blue) and is made entirely from wood.

It’s made by Clive Roddy – a designer and maker in the UK. He’s got a website with a bunch of other cool stuff which you can see by clicking here.

Click Here to check out the Pencil Shaving Desk Tidy on Kickstarter right now.



* = Most definitely not true

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