Is This The World's Smallest Bottle Opener?

Here's a funny story...

The Creator of the PiCO titanium bottle opener created it to use the "waste" material from other titanium pocket tools.

They launched the PiCO on Kickstarter while they were running another pocket-tool project (and I’m going to jump to a massive conclusion, totally unfounded of course, that the some of the PiCO bottle openers were to be made from the waste material from this first project. Could be completely wrong on this of course.)

Then it happened:

Within 48 hours (because I watched it happen) – the funding of the PiCO Kickstarter project blasts past their other Kickstarter project like a rocket.

Kickstarter is kinda cool like that. Backers tell you exactly what they want by handing their cold, hard cash over to you.

Anyway, check out the tiny-ness of the PiCO:

I’ve backed this project (obviously… I mean, it’s titanium!).

My personal concern is that, to get my finger through the split-ring, it has to be a fairly big split-ring. And, as a personal preference, I simply don’t like big split-rings on my keys. But, hey, don't let my obsessive-compusive genetic "flaws" influence you.

Also, when you’re using this bottle opener then, almost certainly, you’ll need to hold the base of the bottle you’re opening firmly on a solid surface.

Want to know how I know this?

Okay, I’ll tell you...

I had recently been messing around making some prototype bottle openers and, believe it or not, I was seeing how small I could go. And in the process I created this whacky titanium bottle opener.

And I found when testing my own tiny bottle opener that, unless I held the bottle firmly on a surface, I ended up providing myself with a fairly aggressive beer-based sprinkler system!

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