Who Else Wants The World's Greatest Titanium Pen?

I must confess something to you…

You may already know what I’m about to tell you. You may not.

I’m a Serial Crowdfunder. Not only do I write about Kickstarter projects - but I run my own projects as well.

And so, since I own this website, I’m going to blatantly “recommend” my current project to you. That’s fair, right?

The Creator (that’s Me by the way! :-D) of The One pen is claiming it as the world's greatest titanium pen (yes, really).

The One pen has a whole load of unique features not found on other titanium (or even non-titanium) pens.

It’s made entirely from three pieces of solid, Grade 5 Titanium.

The pocket-clip on the pen is machined into the cap itself (a truly never-before-seen feature) and, even if I do say so myself, it looks obscenely good:


There is more information on The One pen on the project page than I can even begin to provide you with here.

It’s worth taking a look (even if you’re not that into pens… yet!).

Click Here to check see why everyone is talking about The One pen.

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