Spiderman Stole My iPhone

I’m going to do something different here…

Usually I have some sort of awesome story as to why I tell you about a particular project. But not today.

Today is different:

This project is just a flat-out, smart idea (that uses fairly simple, but clever, technology).

I’m talking about the Zero G iPhone case:

The Zero G case is a “bumper” style case… but uses the power of nano-suction to allow you to "stick" your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus to things. Yes, that’s right, nano-suction!

Here what you need to know:

You can essentially stick your iPhone to any smooth, flat surface… and it will stay there. We’re talking glass, metal, tiles, and so on.

So, yeah, no glue or anything like that. And, form what they say, if it loses it’s “stick” a bit - then you just wash it with water and it’ll be good as new!

How long will it stick to stuff?

The smoother the surface (i.e. a glass window will be smoother than, say, a kitchen cupboard door) the longer it will stick.

As an example… stick the Zero G to glass and it should stay they at least overnight. How cool is that?

I don’t have an iPhone 6… yet. But this kinda makes me want to get one right now.

And one reason for this is so I can stick my phone to the driver-side window in my car. Pretty handy to have it right there next to me. But maybe that’s just me. :-)

Worth taking a look at this clever little device.

Click Here to check out the Zero G iPhone case.

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